Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 20x16 inch.
Date: 1947

- "And suppose we, too, lost the war?"

- "Then Europe would go fascist", said Gomez lightly. "It's not a bad preparation for communism".

- "What will become of you, Gomez?"

- "I imagine their cops will knock me on the head in my lodging, or I shall go to America and scrape some sort of living there. What does it matter? I shall have lived".

Mathieu looked at Gomez with curiosity.

- "And you regret nothing?" he asked.

- "Nothing at all".

- "Not even painting?"

- "Not even painting".

Mathieu shook his head sadly. He liked Gomez's pictures.

- "You used to paint good pictures", he said.

- "I shall never paint again".

- "Why?"

- "I don't know. It's physical. I've lost patience; I should find it boring."

Jean-Paul Sartre
"The reprieve", Knopf, NY, 1947.