Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on plywood
Dimensions: 36x24 inch.
Date: 1953

Now I want to tell you about little Tito Gerassi. His parents lived in Paris. On the first day of the civil war his father went to the front. He fought at Irun.

Knowing that her place was in Spain, Tito's mother brought him to a children's summer camp. She went to the camp to say goodbye to him. Tito was in seventh heaven:

"Will you stay with me long, until tonight?..." After which he continued: "All the children are gone already, they say that vacation is over. Tell Father, that he must come back soon."

The mother could not contain herself, her eyes were filled with tears. Then Tito Gerassi - the little Spaniard said: "Listen, you better go right away! I will turn around and you too, you turn around. We won't look at each other..."

Marcel Acier
"From Spanish Trenches", Modern Age Books, Inc. NY, 1937.