Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 29x30 inch
Date: 1947

"Everybody was in love with Stepha," Sartre remembered in 1971.

"I especially recall that Ilya Ehrenbourg was absolutely, passionately, madly in love with her. I was very, very fond of her myself, but I was never a romantic, nor was Castor (Simone de Beauvoir), so that for us the kind of love that bourgeois romantics like to imagine was impossible, the kind where you are willing and able to abandon everything for the love of your life, "coute que coute", no matter what the cost.

Castor and I always felt that our writing was primodial. And that's what attracted me so much to Fernando.

He affected me then more than any other man alive. He was an intellectual, like me. He was a painter, I was a writer. He had the same point of view, the same basic vision of life. To him, painting was more important than anything else. And then, just like that," he said clicking his fingers, "Fernando went off to the fight. This really upset me. We had both always wanted revolution, but then suddenly, here was an intellectual like me, saying in effect, intellectuals must do what they preach."

Inteview with Jean-Paul Sartre, Paris, 1971.