Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 48x36 inch.
Date: 1969

To Sartre, fascinated by "l'homme engagé", what was important about Fernando (Gomez), was precisely the fact that his commitment made him happy. During his leave, he got together with Mathieu (Sartre), who asked him:
- "And you regret nothing?" he asked.
- "Nothing at all".
- "Not even painting?"
- "Not even painting".

Later, as Gomez prepared to return to the front, Sartre has him say:

- "I love my life and I risk it, I expect death tomorrow, or sometime soon, and I'm not afraid, I love luxury, and I'm going back to squalor and starvation, I know what I want, I know why I am fighting, I give orders and I am obeyed, I've sacrificed everything - painting, and success, and I am perfectly content". .

Tito Gerassi
"Memoirs", NY, 1964.