Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 40x31 inch.
Date: 1951

"Only Ehrenbourg shared Fernando's pessimism. In fact, he predicted even worse at a party that Fernando and Stepha gave on New Year's Eve, 1935.

It was a gay affair for everyone else: Marc Chagall and a bunch of futurists were dancing wildly, Edgar Varese was banging on drums, a group of Russian newspapermen were trying to out-drink some Hungarian colleagues with imported Russian Vodka, all this while Ehrenbourg just sat Buddha-style, immobile, muttering to himself. Finally, Fernando leaned over and caught some of the words: "Foutu! Foutu! Soon the Second World War will begin... Nous sommes tous foutus!"

Tito Gerassi
"Memoirs", NY, 1964.