Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 50x40 inch
Date: 1964

"Actually it wasn't early evening but precisely at 11.40 on the 12th of July that I was born. And apparently the first visitor to see me was not Fernando, but Sartre.

For what had happened, Sartre told me, was that after each trip Fernando needed a few shots to "brighten up", as Simone said. By 11.30 he was in no condition to go, so Sartre went in his place took one look at me and quipped "Oh ce qu'il a l'air malin".

Then the lot of them went off dancing in the streets, which were already decorated for Bastille day while Fernando mumbled something about my having been born a few yards from where Marshal Ney, Napoleon's faithful aide, was executed by a firing squad after Waterloo".

Tito Gerassi
"Memoirs", NY, 1964.