Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 50x36 inch.
Date: 1967

"In June, Stépha and Fernando descended on Paris, highly elated because, after a long period of agitation, upheaval, and repression, the Republic had finally been established in Spain. Stépha was heavily pregnant, and one fine July morning she entered the Tarnier Maternity Hospital in the Rue d'Assas. Fernando summoned all his friends to keep him company outside the Closerie des Lilas.

Every hour or so he would rush off to the clinic and come back looking despondent: "still nothing", he would mutter. After much reassurance and encouragement he would brighten up. Early that evening Stépha had a boy. Artists, journalists, and writers of every nationality celebrated the happy event far into the night."

Simone de Beauvoir

"The prime of life", World, Cleaveland, 1962.