Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 18x14 inch.
Date: 1960

"Gerassi came to Paris for the first time ten years ago. He stayed longer and longer. He was fascinated first by Cezanne, then Picasso, then Dufy and Rouault. His paintings mastered the medium; his harmonies became precise, vigorous, passionate, almost grave. His colors swam the gamut but always with full intensity.

With the fire of youth -- Gerassi is barely 30 -- he realized with profound humor such oils as "Man with a pipe," "The beer drinker", "The Mocaco."

Gerassi is one of the interesting painters of the School of Paris. He counts. Suffice to look at his exhibit at the Gallery Bonjean for proof."

"La Semaine Paris", 30 June 1933.