Fernando Gerassi Art

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 47x35 inch.
Date: 1965

Returning to France in May on the "Ile de France", Fernando showed up with a huge electric train set, which he had bought at Macy's, and installed it on the floor of the studio.

"I think I enjoyed the train more than my son who wasn't quite three yet, as friends and I played with it quite often," he said.

Indeed, I think my earliest childhood memory is of that very train. To this day, I can see my father and Sartre, both of them in shirtsleeves and on all fours, pushing the train around, which, in my vision, occupies the whole studio floor. And I can still hear both of them telling me, as I approached a wagon or a rail, "non! non! ne touche pas, c'est dangereux".

Tito Gerassi "Memoirs", NY, 1964.